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1 year ago

Raze 3

You want to be a hero to save the whole world like Superman or Batman? You want to challenge yourself in exciting and blazing gun battles? Raze 3 is all you are waiting for. Raze 3 is a wonderful gun-shooting game, where you can show off your shooting skills and then become the hero of the world because the destiny of the whole world is in your hands! The scene of Raze 3 game is in many years ago, when aliens came to the earth and the invasion of aliens turn the earth mom into a planet where is full of ashes. Human beings started to build civilization in the universe while reconstructing the earth after being heavily damaged. The army set up a specially trained team to protect the earth and you are a soldier in this team. Your mission in the game begins when the scary aliens have come back with a lot of zombies and robots to destroy our earth mom again. You have to become a real deal with bravery, quick and correct reaction, accurate shot to destroy as many enemies as possible. And now, are you ready to save the world, to write your name down to the history of the world?